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Title:  Testimonials
Name:  Brajeshji
Description:  Om ji is a true and genuine authority of Yoga, Meditation. His teachings are directly from ancient scriptures. He explains the Sanskrit shlokas in very easy English. His meditation techniques are unique and unparallel....
Title:  Testimonials
Name:  Laxmi
Description:  I was suffering from severe migraine and regular head aches. The yogic techniques from Om ji helped me a lot and now I feel free from all the pains and sufferings. Hearty thanks and regards to him....
Title:  Testimonials
Name:  Sanjay
Description:  Om ji asked that, if they felt good please raise their hands. There were thousands of participants in the yoga camp. All the participants raised their hands. Yes 100% participants were delighted and pleased with his yogic and meditation techniques...
Title:  Yoga Therapy Workshop in Bangkok
Name:  Akiko Kuwajima

Dear Om Anandji,

Hope you are having a good day.

Thank you very much for your inspiring and wonderful yoga therapy workshop in the last 5 days. I truly enjoyed every moment there; and learned many things,...

Title:  testimonial
Name:  Maj Kofad
Description:  Thanks to everyone at this wonderful ashram. Paramanand Institute is more than sharing knowledge. I am thankful for all your time.It has been truly bliss....

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