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Name:  Anita Gita
Description:  I still remember the first day when I came. I was suffering a really bad allergy and I was sneezing every morning. I was wondering how am I going to survive here for two months. After just three weeks. Just like that I stopped sneezing. The al...
Name:  Edward Lukawski
Description:  HOW I GOT HERE... because of my intuition. And now after one month amazedly interesting new life experience here, I can say my excellent institution, thank you all the people who I met have and of course Guruji who helped me to understand ...
Name:  Sangeeta Barve
Description:  I had amazing and awesome learning, experiencing and practicing Yoga in Paramanand Yoga. Indeed a place I can say ultimate for learning Yoga in depth. I am highly indebted with thewisdom and knowledge shared by Guruji and entire staff. I visited ...
Name:  Prof. Chris Lane
Description:  When I came to Paramanand, I was already loaded with rich experience of teaching yoga for 12 years. But what I learned here has opened my eyes to true, authentic and deeper yoga. I have no words. I came to Paramanand Institute for Advance ...
Name:  Martina (Ma Mangala Anand), Italy
Description:  I came here that I was already in the path of Yoga and now I can realize that in the last 3 years I changed a lot the surface (=body) and also habits, following a yogic code of conduct. But here I went inside..where I never was before and my feeli...

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