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Title:  Testimonials
Name:  Sarasvati - Turkey
Description:  My 21 years back pain was removed in three sessions, without any medication but with true and ultimate mediation, which I did under the kind guidance of Om ji. I am blessed....
Title:  Testimonials
Name:  Dr. Beverly Rubenstein, New York.
Description:  I was suffering from Lungs Cancer. I did practice of Yoga, Meditation under Om ji. I am pleased that my life has changed and I saw a new and true way of life. He is a true Yogi...
Title:  Testimonials
Name:  Dr. Meenaxi Parasar
Description:  Rare of rarest knowledge is with Om ji. He has huge treasure of Meditation techniques. I experienced a wide range of techniques with him which are capable of intensive nature and taking beyond body, mind, senses and feelings....
Title:  Testimonials
Name:  Dr. V.P. Bansal
Description:  I am practicing yoga, meditation for last 33 years with many gurus. I found Om ji is the greatest authority of yoga and meditation. I found my destination....
Title:  Testimonials
Name:  Sunil Agarwal.
Description:  My regular practice of Meditation for 18 years really started shining when I came in contact with Om ji. His guidance is powerful and very effective. I salute to him....

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