1. If, I need assistance about my room or facilities, whom should I contact?

Help desk or Attendant will assist you.

2. How can I get my laundry done?

There is washing machine donated by one of the ex-student. But for electricity, soap and maintenance please make a donation of $8 for 4 weeks to cashier. Use cold water to save energy.

3. Is there hot water?

There is hot water in all the rooms. Turn on the water heater 5 minutes prior to use and shut off immediately after use.

4. Where can I get a towel, more soap, toilet paper, etc?

These are personal toiletries items. Either bring along with you or you can purchase from the nearby Super Market or ask help desk.

5. Who can clean my room?

There are helpers in the Ashram, but as karma yoga, you can do it yourself. Cleaning supplies are available to share for each room/floor.

6. What about drinking water?

RO filtered drinking water is available. Feel free to fill up your bottles/thermos with these. Please drink bottled or filtered water.

7. What if I get sick or need medical attention?

Please inform the coordinator about your health problem. We do have qualified doctors including Ayurveda Doctor as our visiting faculty or someone will assist you to see a qualified Doctor in nearby area or Hospital.

8. Where can I check my email, make a phone call, or change money?

You can buy a local chip and use your cell phone to call back to your home. or you can use the internet for calling back. We have WiFi but limited access to office computers. There is ATM of State Bank of India, across the street. Money can be exchanged from Western Union or ask our financial executive to assist you.

9. Is it safe in and around ashram?

So far we never had any incidents, but it is advisable for students not to travel alone outside areas during night. However Ashram’s gates closes at 9pm. In case you have reason and special permission to stay on any special occasion please inform the attendant to open gates for you.

10. Is Pujya Swamiji or Guruji available for Darshan (blessings)?

Some time Swamiji visits Indore ashram. During his stay Darshan(blessings) are possible. Whenever Guruji is Indore, you can extend the request.

11. What are some useful tips regarding Indian etiquette

A general rule of thumb – be sensitive and respectful. When in doubt, observe what others are doing, or simply just ask. However, we can offer a few useful tips: To preserve the purity of sacred places (eg. People’s homes, eating areas, places of worship, yoga halls, meditation spaces), remove your shoes. To avoid potential misunderstandings and for hygienic reasons, when greeting someone, fold your hands in Namaste. Indians reserve their left hand for unclean activities so it is customary to give and receive with the right hand. When sitting in front of elders, teachers, and out of respect, do not sit with your feet pointed toward them.

12. How can I make a donation to the ashram?

You can make donations at help desk and take the receipt (even if you don’t require it). There are many charitable and humanitarian activities run by the ashram.

Please help us maintain the dignity and honesty of the ashram by not giving money to anyone else for any reason.

13. How can I provide my feedback?

There is visitors Book, Please be kind to write your experiences. as well as you can record a video and email the same to us.

14. what are the guidelines, I should follow for my comfortable stay without disturbing others ?

Please follow Yoga Etiquettes for better and blissful stay.

15. Who will pick up from the Airport /Railway Station?

Ashram's representative will pick you up and will bring you to the ashram. It is about 15 Kms distance. Normally takes about 20~30 minutes without traffic.

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