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Yoga Teacher Training India

When looking for yoga teacher training centre; curriculum and environment are both equally important. You can learn all the theory from books; all the asanas from an experienced and qualified teacher; but when it comes to experiencing the strength, and benefits of yoga you need to live the life of a Yogi.An ashram is usually a spiritual, secluded abode, where some study, instruction, and community work happens, under the guidance of a guru (teacher or master). The life at the ashram is self-transforming, supportive and creative.

Paramyoga offers residential Yoga Therapy Teachers Training and Yoga Teachers Training in India,in the serene and calm environment of an ashram. With the kind blessings and inspiration of Yugpurush Swami Paramanandgiriji (who has been inspiring the world with Yoga and Vedanta for the last 60 years). Students are mentored by one of the best team of yoga teachers and professors under the guidance of Dr. Omanand (Guruji).The life at the ashram is self-transforming, supportive and creative. The Yoga teacher training is very thorough and well structured.

Yoga and Meditation

Our Yoga Teachers Training India program includes Yoga Asanas (poses), Pranayama, Bandhas, Mudras, Shatkarmas (Yogic cleansing processes), meditation, Yoga Nidra, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Chidshakti Prakriya (Consciousness-awakening Technique) and much more.Meditation is an integral part of the course and of the ashram life. We have a tree house and a meditation hut for self-practice.

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Yoga teachers training in India
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yoga teachers training india


I was suffering from Lungs Cancer. I did practice of Yoga, Meditation under Om ji. I am pleased that my life has changed and I saw a new and true way of life. He is a true Yogi...

Dr. Beverly Rubenstein, New York.

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Tina Mundelsee, Germany
At last, I received the yoga teacher training I was looking for ,I got ultimate Yoga Therapy secrets from Om ji.

Tammy chu, Malaysia
I learned in-depth true knowledge of yoga, meditation from Om ji, I am blessed.

Bara ( Czech Republic)
yoga teacher training india
I had the privilege of training under Dr. Omanand for two months recently in India. Guruji's (as Dr. Omanand is called) presence filled an auditorium on my first day at the ashram and I realised that I had chosen the right place to do the Yoga therapy teachers training.
From his Yoga teachings, to his daily management of the Paramanand Yoga Science & Research Institute, Guruji's gentle humour, perseverance and patience as well as his attention to detail, make studying under his guidance a life changing experience. I trust his new book 'Yoga beyond business' will benefit any new aspiring yoga teacher wishing to open a studio.
I am honoured and grateful to the hours given by Guruji to myself and know all who read his books will benefit from this great man's words.

Neta, Israel
Om ji is a wonderful and powerful yoga guru, I ever found. His methods of teachings and knowledge are awesome. The yoga teacher training is very thorough.

David, Israel
I am highly impressed with the powerful personality and deep knowledge of Om ji. I want continue learning and guidance from him

Seda, Turkey
I am delighted to have learned deepest in sight in to true yoga therapy from Om ji. He is true icon of true yoga....

Mirih ,Turkey
I had been practicing yoga for over 19 years, but now I realized that Now I started practicing true yoga and meditation, which I learned from Omji. I am indebted to him....

Dr. Beverly Rubenstein, New York.
I was suffering from Lungs Cancer. I did practice of Yoga, Meditation under Om ji. I am pleased that my life has changed and I saw a new and true way of life. He is a true Yogi.

Maj Kofad ( Denmark)
Thanks to everyone at this wonderful ashram. Paramanand Institute is more than sharing knowledge. I am thankful for all your time.A true yoga teacher training course in India

Arjun Ryan Dhingra (Florida- USA)
The most important month of my life. I hold this certificate with higher esteem than 4 years of university. Love you all.

Quentin ( British Columbia-Canada)
23 jan 2011, I came to this ashram not knowing what to expect, only knowing I wanted to knowing to immerse myself in yoga. I felt at the end of one month that there was far more to learn and felt unprepared to teach due only to the depth of knowledge yoga has to offer. I stayed the second month and saw the transformation increase. It was just chance that I ended up here, but perhaps destiny. Paramanand and Guruji have given me the knowledge and awareness to continue on this path of yoga and life with a new perspective. I am eternally grateful and hope to share this place and this lifestyle with offers. Om shanti Quentin

yoga teacher training india Yoga teachers training in India

yoga teacher training india

yoga teacher training india

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